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Lost or missing a car key? Don't worry our key replacement service is here to help

When you lose or damage a car key it can be a frustrating and exhaustive process. Main dealers can now charge several hundreds of pounds and weeks to send out a replacement.


Here at Double D Discount we aim to simplify the process and get you your replacement key within a few hours.

We now offer a large range of replacement key options from just key blades cut to gain access to the car or a full OEM original style key with full functionality.


We've invested heavily in the latest key programming equipment to ensure we cover a large list of manufactures and offer a warranty on all keys made by us.

From an old key blade from the 80s to the latest keyless smart keys we have the tools to get you your replacement key at an affordable price but with the quality of the main dealer.

Call us today for a no obligation quote.

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